A temple surrounded by trees

Things to do

Sights and sounds of Gaya

Witness the sights and sounds of Gaya
A trip to the spiritual haven would be incomplete without visiting the historical gems of the region. Visit the divine Mahabodhi Temple, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Thai Monastery, the only Thai temple in India, the Dungeshawari Temple and the Barabar Hill caves with a tour customised to your interests and duration of stay.

Bodhi Tree

Experience enlightenment at the Bodhi Tree
The Bodhi Tree serves as the foremost site of pilgrimage and veneration for Buddhists across the world. The spiritual site is where Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment or nirvana — the highest level of consciousness of mind and soul — by sitting under the Bodhi tree for forty-nine days without movement.

A person holding a meat and egg curry dish

Treat your tastebuds with a private cooking lesson
Learn from the culinary secrets from our expert chef trained in Italy who will help you bring home a taste of Bodh Gaya at the next soirée that you host. Elevate your cooking repertoire with a private training session on the diverse cultural flavours that come to Bodh Gaya, customise your own menu from the selection and enjoy your creations with a unique dining experience.

A woman practicing yoga

Rejuvenate your soul with a private yoga session
Revel in the serenity of Bodh Gaya with a private session at the property with an expert trainer who can help customise the yoga practice to benefit your body and soul. Heighten your inner peace by inhaling in the serenity of the breath-taking views and exhaling stress and strife with every breath.


Travel through time with a day trip to Rajgir
If you are looking to delve deeper into the heritage of the area, request a day trip to the ancient city of Rajgir, located 80 kilometres from Bodh Gaya. Once the seat of the Mauryan empire, it now plays host to a diverse array of holy sites and places of historical interest, including the ruins of Nalanda University that attracts tourists to this day.