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What started out as a private-sector project in Uganda in 1914 has now spread its wings and reached India's hospitality sector. The Madhvani Group is Uganda’s largest private-sector investor, which aims to establish a chain of sophisticated four-star hotels in the religiously active cities of India. It was a strategy to flaunt India’s status as the best country for spiritual devotion in the world. This idea was turned into reality when renowned, avant-garde thematic hotels in India started to blossom under the umbrella of Marasa! It gave rise to world-class yet affordable accommodations that awaken its travellers’ spiritual character.

Get Enchanted by the 3 Marasa Hotels

Deluxe Rooms in the best hotel in Tirupati

Welcome a Lavish, Sophisticated Stay at the Only Thematic Hotel in Tirupati Commemorating Lord Vishnu

Influenced by Lord Vishnu's 10 incarnations, Marasa Sarovar Premiere, Tirupati is one of the only thematic hotels in the holy city that allures pilgrims and leisure travellers from all over the world to rest and unwind.

Engage in a Spiritual Awakening and Journey at the Buddhist Thematic Hotel in Bodhgaya

Influenced by the five pearls of Buddhist wisdom, this first-ever thematic hotel in Bodhgaya guides pilgrims and guests through a spiritual journey and promises the ultimate sojourn experience.

Marasa Bodhgaya - Best hotel in Bodhgaya
Facade - Hotels in Rajkot Marasa

Witness Your Business Ventures Flourish at the Corporate Hotel in Rajkot

A booming sensational corporate hotel in Saurashtra motivates you to embrace your business goals and see them flourish right in front of your eyes at the capacious banquet halls and boardrooms!


1HS 4391

Somasura - the bar in Tirupati that offers an array of concoctions to calm and soothe you

Dining - Multicuisine Restaurant in Bodhgaya

Varada - the first Buddhist themed cafe in Bodhgaya serving authentic Oriental and Continental dishes

Sky Lounge - Non-vegetarian restaurant in Rajkot Marasa

Sky Lounge - the first-ever non-vegetarian restaurant in Rajkot with a riveting view

Krishna Vegetarian Restaurants in Tirupati 2

Krishna - the finest restaurant in Tirupati known as the master of vegetarian thalis

Facilities to Make Your Stay Pleasurable

Marasa Hospitality has taken an oath to make your stay as pleasurable and comfortable as possible. It bestows a plethora of modern facilities like wellness spas, fitness centres, 24-hour travel desks, and kid-friendly swimming pools. Each Marasa property also offers spacious and well-equipped banquet halls and boardrooms so that you can organise extravagant weddings as well as corporate events.

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Best rates guaranteed

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